Frequently Asked

What is this Party Tour?
We are a mobile party (hot AND cold) tub party bus pulled by a pickup truck around Nashville allowing you to enjoy the people, sites, music, each other, and our Southern hospitality.

How long is the Party Tour?
The tour lasts 2 hours plus 15 min for safety rules. Compare the difference. Our competitors are only 90 minutes.

What is the difference between your party bus and the others?

Our party bus gives you 30 minutes longer, pics/videos of your fun, a pool, no working/pedaling, and so much more attention.

Is the Party Tub Cold or Hot?
We can adjust based on the weather. In Summer, we average about 83-84 degrees much like a swimming pool. In Winter, it is best to be hot at approximately 100 degrees.

How many passengers do you allow?
We can take up to 10 passengers on board (add $20 per person over 10 up to 14). If you have less, it is ok. The tub fits 6-7 soakers at one time or about 10 sitting on the edge.

Does the Corona Virus transmit in water?

No, you can refer to the CDC website. We have our water changed daily, have an auto-chlorinator and 2 UV lights. 

What do I need to bring?
We advise you to bring your swimsuit and BYOB (no glass).

Will I be able to change clothes?
If you do not have your swimsuit under your clothes, we have a changing room on board. Your belongings can be stored under our dry storage.

Where and when do I go?
Please meet us at least 20 minutes prior to your departure time. We will pick you up at a small grocery store patio called the Turnip Truck. They do sell beer and some sandwiches there. They also have a restroom to use before and during your tour. There is a liquor/beer store called 12th and Pine around the corner also.

Can I stand while in motion?
Standing is at your own risk. We do require the vehicle be stopped to get in or out of the tub.

Is Alcohol and Food allowed?
We are a BYOB tour. You can bring whatever drinks you like but NO GLASS is allowed. Due to messes and the tub, no open cups are allowed in the tub.  Food is allowed on the tables but not in the tub (please nothing messy).

What do you provide?
We will provide you with a longer party than our competitors, hooded robes, towels, ice, cooler, cold or hot tub, music, LED party lights, pics/videos, the most ATTENTION in Nashville, lidded cups, an experienced driver and your own host/hostess (Paid by your generous tips).

What does the host/hostess do for us?
Your host will take care of your drinks, serve them to you, take pictures/videos with our or your cameras, be your safety monitor, be your DJ and make sure you have the best experience in Nashville. The host/hostess is yours and they would appreciate gratuity if they did a great job.

What sites will I see?
There are occasional road closures in certain areas and certain times. We will do our best to take you down Broadway, SoBro, the River, Nissan Stadium, Midtown, Music Row and the Gulch.

Can I charge my phone?
This seems to be a common issue to us all. Yes! We thought of this and provide USB outlets and even cords for you.

Will I get pictures and videos?
Yes, Yes, Yes! Take all the ones you want. Just do not drop your camera in the tub. Your host/hostess will take them for you or even take them with our cameras and have them ready to send you at the end of your tour.

Is the tub clean?
Yes, we take great care in cleaning our tub and trailer. Our system has dual UV germicidal lamps and an auto chlorinator. We completely change the water every day! Yes, every day!!! We provide so much more…

If I am on Rx, pregnant or have heart issues should I get in?
As with any hot tub or community pool, we recommend you consult your physician before reserving or before getting in the tub.  Please see and sign our waiver before riding.

Will we get cold, hot, rained on?
Your tour will go in all weather. For safety, we may have to reschedule or cancel the tour if there is too much ice or if lightning is close for your safety. Our trailer has a roof and windows should it be extremely cold or windy. If not, the windows stay open so you can get the attention of a lifetime.

How do I book fun?
Find your day and time you prefer to see if still available. Call in with your credit card to hold your reservation. Each passenger must sign the waiver before boarding. At the time of your party, we can divide the invoice between all passengers, if you like.

Will you split transactions between all my people?

Yes, we can divide up the invoice between everyone.

I have more questions….or a special request 

Please email or call us